It takes, on average, 2 days for stats to be posted on our website. Thursday, Friday and Sunday stats will not be posted until the following Tuesday.
You can figure your PPD and MPR as follows: MPR and PPD are taken by the average next to your name in the stats rounded to the nearest tenth.
Example: If your PPD on the stats is 20.14 ... your PPD would be 20.1
If your PPD on the stats is 20.16 ... your PPD would be 20.2
If the number in the second spot after the decimal is 0-4, round the number down. If it is 5-9 round the number up.
The same rule applies for MPR.

As a note, stat sheets are mailed to the locations, can be viewed on the Galaxy II dart machines and are available on our website or main office. Please make sure you are using the most current updated stats for your corresponding weeks.

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